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Clients - the Segments that make us whole

Today, OrangeSegment is recognized by a diverse range of clients. We cater to students, student organizations, schools, corporate offices, NGOs, government agencies, entertainment companies and individuals who require only the best when it comes to quality print and creative design.

We make sure each customer is satisfied with our work. We see to it that they become our regular patrons not only for what we offer, but also because of the relationship we build with them.

What is OrangeSegment?


OrangeSegment started out as a purely graphics design company. But with the number of similar companies in Manila, we decided we needed to offer something different. Some other service we knew that was vital to this field called advertising.

OrangeSegment first invested in one tabloid digital printer. As the need increased and as we watched what the market required, we added more printers to meet these demands. From then on, the company established itself as one of the best in digital printing in the Metro.

Still in touch with our roots, we continue to provide graphic design solutions for our patrons.